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Tourism Department – Middle East


  • Marketing a destination as opposed to a product/service comes with specific set of challenges, as the target market is much wider and varied


  • Social listening was used to

    • Identify consumer expectations and behavior on different channels

    • Pinpoint popular attractions, competing attractions

    • Understand apprehensions and motivators of travelers

  • These insights helped create an informed social strategy and campaign content, that were highly relevant and drove up engagement


  • 151% growth in followers across all social accounts

  • 71% increase in online buzz

  • 54% increase in website sessions via social referral

  • 14% increase in conversions

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A fast food franchise listened to bring back a crowd favorite 


  • Loyal fans of a famous fast food restaurant chain were unhappy over the discontinuation of a classic sauce,which was replaced with a new flavor


  • The marketing team used social listening to

    • Monitor customer reaction to the new launch and the shift in conversation sentiment

    • Respond to customer questions and engage a dialogue

    • Identify and engage key opinion leaders (KOL)


  • Increased affinity from loyal customers, who received custom campaign freebies.

  • Successfully increased positive sentiment around the brand by bringing back the sauce on their menu

#FoodnBeverage #Sentiment #ProductLaunch

A 30% increase in sales of water purifiers, using market intelligence


  • The company wanted to understand the market, where it stands among it's competitors and the perception of tap water by it's target audience to develop marketing content that resonates with their audience needs


  • Use social listening to identifying conversation trends, audience preferences and a need gap, that gives them a competitive advantage

  • Marketed content using a top chef as a brand ambassador to convey the message of safety and hygeine benefits of the water filter technology


  • 30% increase in annual sales

  • 2.5 million content views

  • Social media footprint grew by 300%

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