Artificial Intelligence

Social Listening

InCIghts That Help You L.E.A.D.


Listen to what your customers voice to identify tactical and strategic advantages


Build a relationship with your customers. Let them know you care


Optimize spends and increase ROI with custom platform analytics 


Develop campaigns, apps, websites, products and so much more


  • CI can tell you things about your business, your products and your services that you never knew.

  • CI has access to more than 300 million data sources and can process information in real time in more than 80 languages to give you insights that help you grow your business.

  • CI understands your market and your competitors and can show you how to close new business.

  • CI can tell you how you stack up against your competitors.

  • CI can tell you what people are saying about you and your company from all corners of the of the Internet.

  • CI can guide you on what NOT to do and help you avoid some business problems.

  • CI can help you fix your online reputation.

  • CI can assess social sentiment and help you understand a consumer’s emotions when they interact with your brand.

  • CI can identify consumer wishes on social media and use its proprietary sentiment analysis software to assess the value of those wishes and tell you how to act on them.

  • CI can help you create an authentic, personalized experience for each customer.

  • CI can identify topics and trends that consumers care most about.

  • CI can help identify the content and channels that meet your brand’s engagement goals.

  • CI can analyze hashtags, topics and keywords to see what people talk about most passionately, and how that relates to the content they interact with and share. 

  • CI can give you volumes of information that help you build consumer trust.

  • CI can help you find business leads and give you the tools to turn them into sales.

The bottom line is, Cogent InCIghts can tell you all about your business, your competitors and the consumers that interact with your brand. CI can process millions of bits of data and tell you what people like, what they dislike and what their challenges are. CI can give you the exact path you need to take to explode your business; because when you know what consumers want and exactly what to say and do to get them to take action, you’ve won!


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